Ya’ll Fest

There’s a few signed copies left at @bluebikebooks from #yallfest! Call 843-722-2666 to order one of these! Also Siobhan Vivian’s […]

See ya next year! #yallfest @yallfest

#Yallfest after hours. Comparing paleness

Look at these crazy lights! #yallfest

Our #yallfest smackdown hosts, dancing a jig from Sarah’s homeland.

Gearing up for the YA Smackdown at #yallfest! Great and hilarious way to end an awesome Saturday!

Stephanie Perkins offering some writing insights of her own at #yallfest. Great stuff!

@kieracass giving a yallfester writing advice. Awesome stuff!

Jonathon Sanchez and @mstohl! 🙂 #yallfest

Final song from YouTuber Abigail Ayala! Awesome and gorgeous performance, with songs based off of Every Day and Beautiful Creatures! […]

She is the next Taylor Swift. I just know it! #yallfest

Smackdown teams! You ready, #Yallfest?

Awesome performance to kick off the #yallfest YA Smackdown!

Poster at @bluebikebooks so cool! #yallfest

Backstage at the YA at the Movies panel at #yallfest with @cassieclare, @mstohl, and @kamigarcia!

.@cassieclare talking about how they casted Simon for TMI. #yallfest

Packed house for the movie panel!

YA at the Movies

In production 2013 panel! #yallfest

Running these livestreams has been so much fun! #yallfest

The future of sci-fi/fantasy panel! #yallfest

When asked okra or collards, @kieracass said “vegetables are terrible!” #yallfest #southernauthors

#yallfest author #stretch to fight that 2 o’ clock feeling @margaret_stohl @debharkness @melissadelacruz @ellenhopkinsYA @kathyreichs @loversdiction

Carolina’s Own: Kami Kinard, Jess Rothenberg, John Thompson, and Kiera Cass.

rachelfershleiser: (via YA Highway) Check out YA Highway for a big list of Young Adult authors on Tumblr!

@kieracass just did a shout out to @stephenchbosky’s Perks of Being a Wallflower! So, so good! #yallfest

YALLFest rachelfershleiser: These amazing ladies have been tumbling about their journey to Yallfest for months. I was so excited to […]

Full house for @debharkness @margaret_stohl @sarahreesbrennan @robinwasserman @corey_whaley #yallfest

Jennifer Lynn Barnes! #yallfest

Sarah Rees Brenan, Caitlin Kittredge, Michelle Hodkin, Holly Black and @Kamigarcia! #yallfest @yallfest

Who will win?

I found a great seat for the Dark Hearts panel! #yallfest @yallfest

A question from the history and mystery panel at Yallfest: “What do YOU think the collective noun for a group […]

Kiera Cass getting pumped for her upcoming panel by listening to One Direction’s “One Thing.”

@Corey_Whaley just said he’s never played Clue! Oh my! #yallfest

Good Girlz & Bad Boyz! #Yallfest

Lest we forget why we are al here: greenroom #pie #yallfest

The History and Mystery panel at Yallfest! So exciting! #yallfest

Huge line for @cassieclare!

Nerdfighting with Stephanie Perkins! #dftba #nerdfighter #yallfest @yallfest #pinkhair #author

South Carolina is a Will state. #yallfest Cassandra Clare

I spot some pink hair! #yallfest @yallfest

Kathryn Williams and Elizabeth Eulberg in the signing tent! #yallfest @yallfest

.@hollyblack signing White Cat! #yallfest

David Macinnis Gill encourages readers to establish a relationship with independent bookstores.

Question to the authors about how the YA market is geared toward feminine readers, and how to change it. #yallfest

Bosch vs. Benedict: It Ends Now

Best bookstore in Charleston! #yallfest

David Levithan said that both boys and girls can identify with the emotional truth of a book, regardless of the […]

Resting, chatting, snacking: authors in the greenroom #yallfest @debharkness @robinwasserman @sarahreesbrennan @cassieclare

Signing lines for @ellenhopkinsya and @hollyblack! #yallfest

If you’re watching the live stream over at blogtv.com/people/YallFest, you’re on stage.

Hanging out with Andrea Cremer outside of the Cinema Authro Stage!

Men of YA panel with John Corey Whaley, David Levithan, Eliot Schrefer, Brendon Reichs, David Macinnis Gill and Kwame Alexander! […]

Question Time: Will ‘City of Heavenly Fire’ be the last in the series? Cassie says yes.

We love Cassie & Holly!

Cassandra Clare and Holly Black giving our keynote address to a packed theater.

Cassandra Clare and Holly Black sure know how to bring a crowd!

Packed house. #Yallfest

Authors listening to the keynote. Have you tuned into the live stream? Blogtv.com/people/yallfest #Yallfest

Keynote! #Yallfest

Cassandra Clare and Holly Black talking about how awesome it is to be literary friends and writer retreats.


@cassieclare and @hollyblack take the stage #yallfest

kamigarcia: Hanging with author @carrieryan. @yallfest #yallfest

Janna from Justine Magazine! #yallfest

@margaret_stohl warms up the crowd for @cassieclare and @hollyblack ‘s keynote #yallfest

We’re ready for @cassieclare & @hollyblack’s key note!! #yallfest

Filled up quick!

Yallfest media team hard at work! #yallfest

Waiting for the keynote to start! #yallfest

Everyone coming in storms for Cassandra Clare and Holly Black!

Hi @justinemagazine! Get your magazines guys! #yallfest

Look at this line for @cassieclare & @hollyblack’s keynote!!! #yallfest

Livestream is getting all hooked up. Will you be watching? #Yallfest

Good morning YALLFEST! Starting your day off with some sound Charleston advice. #grits #thesouth #charleston #yallfest @margaret_stohl

Finishing touches. #Yallfest

Major fangirl moment with Deborah Harkness and Robin Wasserman at the Yallfest VIP Party!

Boys of YA #yallfest @AdamGidwitz

Another lovely group of authors! @eliotschrefer @gayleforman @cindachima @siobhanvivian

Nothing better then southern food & great company. #Yallfest

Swear we didn’t coordinate this lovely group laugh! @melissadelacruz @kamigarcia @margaret_stohl @cassieclare #yallfest

John Corey Whaley checking out his copy of Charleston Ghosts at the pre-Yallfest VIP party. Spooky! #yallfest

David Levithan chatting it up with fellow authors at the pre-Yallfest VIP party! #yallfest

Literary mingling #yallfest @margaret_stohl

Eliot Schrefer and Michelle Hodkin!

Beth Revis, Javier Ruescas and his lovely girlfriend. 

Siobhan Vivian, Melissa de la Cruz and Elliot Screfer talking with David Levithan!

Having a great time with @debharkness, @corey_whaley, and @robinwasserman at the Yallfest VIP Party! 

Wouldn’t be #yallfest without amazing food and awesome parties

At the YALLFEST VIP party! @kamigarcia @bluebikebooks

And so it has begun! #Yallfest party time!

YALLFEST Authors on the way to the VIP party! @margaret_stohl @kamigarcia @debharkness @melissadela #yallfest

@justinemagazine and @margaret_stohl setting up for #yallfest

Sound check for the #exclusive #beautifulcreaturesmovie footage tomorrow! #yallfest #beautifulcreatures

Blue Bicycle Books is gearing up for YALLFEST! This Saturday 47 of the country’s top YA authors (including 25 New […]

Authors @mstohl and @debharkness having a pre-yallfest dinner. Be sure to follow yallfest’s Instagram for more pictures!

We’ll be live streaming YALLFEST!

Won’t make it Yallfest this year? No worries! We’ll be streaming live select panels so you won’t  miss out on […]


Hi, Thank you so much for your support of YALLFest 2012. It’s exciting to see so many of you coming […]

Zombies beware: Adele Griffin has 10 pounds of burning fury (cuteness?) on her side, plus a great mind for pie […]

It’s always the fear of looking stupid that stops you from being awesome. Kiera Cass, author (via lovinghayesisred) If this […]

Check out Natalie Standiford’s YALLFest Author Interview! Who and what would you bring with you for the zombie apocalypse? I’m […]

Robin Wasserman will use the zombie apocalypse as a time to enrich herself and enriches us with an awesome favorite […]

Who and what would you bring with you for the zombie apocalypse? I would bring a katana like Michonne has […]

Check out Alyson Noel’s interview! Who and what would you bring with you for the zombie apocalypse? I would bring […]

After a hurricane-induced hiatus from Author Interviews, we’re back with Elizabeth Eulberg! Who and what would you bring with you […]

Check out the book trailer for YALLFest author Cinda Chima’s book THE CRIMSON CROWN (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

Brendan Reichs gives some practical advice for the zombie apocalypse and serves up a slice of humble pie.  Who and […]

from yallfest author Siobhan Vivian! siobhanvivian: THE PERSON I AM MOST EXCITED TO SEE AT YALLFEST 2012 is…. The gorgeous […]

“YALLFEST offers free child and pet care!” – YALLFest Author Trenton Lee Stewart 

Sarah Rees Brennan updates her answers to the YALLFest Author Interview and this time it involves a lot more talk […]

Read Gitty Daneshvari’s Author Inteview to find out what spiders, confined spaces, hotel rooms above the twentieth floor, chefs with dirty […]

A chance to pitch your novel at YALLFest

This is your chance to pitch your book to a noted industry professional! Agents Richard Abate (3Arts), Sarah Burnes (The Gernert Agency), […]

“I took this picture in the Beinecke Library at Yale University. It’sfrom a medieval magical manuscript. Very Witchy!” —YALLFest Author, […]

YALLFest Author Eliot Schrefer with bonobo monkey Oshwe (who unfortunately can not make it to YALLFest this year). eliotschrefer: This […]

Read today’s Author Interview with Cinda Chima; her list of pies will not disappoint. Who and what would you bring […]

we are men of action

A little motivation from YALLFest Author, Robin Wasserman. Thursday doesn’t stand a chance. robinwasserman: Today, I am the Man in […]

Siobhan Vivian’s zombie apocalypse sounds lovely (and organic!). Plus, a new contender for best sounding pie flavor. Who and what […]

Divine Pie

We’re proud to announce the newest edition to our line-up: Chefs Enan and Jennifer Palazo of Twenty Six Divine have been […]

Kiera Cass’  zombie apocalypse companions may be impractical, but we think she’ll have a lovely time anyways. Who and what […]

Michelle Hodkin plans to avoid mortal peril in Paris and teaches us about what seems to be heaven in a […]

New Life Goal

New Life Goal We wish you luck on your quest for an Erdős–Bacon number, Jennifer! jenniferlynnbarnes: (Click on the above […]

Read Holly Black’s author interview to learn your new favorite word: Scrumping! Who and what would you bring with you […]

Adam Gidwitz gives another vote for Hogwarts as literature’s most eligible destination, alludes to an indispensable salamander, and trashes our […]

Stephanie Perkins’ may not fair well in the zombie apocalypse; but she’d rather be a firewhiskey swilling witch at Hogwarts […]

Check out Tonya Hurley’s YALLFest Author Interview featuring a short but powerful favorite word… Who and what would you bring […]

Kami Garcia talks chaos, the music that could save you from zombies, and some pie that we hope she brings […]

More sound zombie advice and a shout out to Apple (and apple pie) from YALLfest Author, David Gill! Who and […]

Check out this interview to learn some zombie survival tips from Carrie Ryan, our YALLFest zombie expert. Who and what […]

Eliot Schrefer on tea-drinking, using the word ‘savory’ and touching the beyond. Enjoy! Who and what would you bring with […]

Read Deborah Harkness’  YALLFest Author Interview to hear her take on pie and zombie preparedness!  Who and what would you […]

Check out what Sarah Rees Brennan has to say about pie, Narnia, and the zombie apocalypse! Who and what would […]

Introducing the YALLFest Author Interviews! Think of them as a sneak peak into the awesome minds of our authors. Every […]

YALLFEST YA Smackdown – On Sale Now

The YA Smackdown tickets are going on sale now! Once again YALLFest will conclude with the YA Smackdown Finale: an “all-star […]

YALLFEST Keynote Tickets – On Sale Now!

#1 NYT Bestseller Cassandra Clare (The Mortal Instruments series) and NYT Bestseller Holly Black (The Spiderwick Chronicles) will kick off YALLFest […]


YALLFEST AUTHOR LINE UP ANNOUNCEMENT! From hollywoodcrush.mtv.com: EXCLUSIVE YALL Fest Lineup: Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, David Levithan And Many More! […]

YALLFest 2012!

Hey Everyone! Preparations for YALLFest 2012 have already begun! The event will be on November 10, 2012, but stay tuned […]

Yallfest 2012: November 10!! Some wonderful pictures from last year.  vlcphoto: Some photos from the Oh-SO-AWESOME #Yallfest!